How to Earn Money Using the PM-WANI Scheme

Turn your Wi-Fi into a source of income and empower your community with affordable internet access.
Here's how you can leverage the PM-WANI scheme to create a win-win situation for yourself and those around you.
Nov 28, 2023

Understanding the
PM-WANI Scheme

Launched by the Government of India, the PM-WANI (Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface) scheme aims to revolutionize public Wi-Fi access across the country. It simplifies the process of setting up public Wi-Fi hotspots, making it easier for individuals and small businesses to become internet providers.

Key Players in the PM-WANI Ecosystem

Public Data Office Aggregators (PDOAs)

They register and manage Public Data Offices (PDOs).

Public Data Offices (PDOs)

They establish and operate Wi-Fi hotspots, providing internet access to users.

App Providers

They develop mobile applications that enable users to discover and connect to PM-WANI hotspots seamlessly.

Partner with a PDOA:

The first step is to register as a Public Data Office (PDO) by partnering with a registered Public Data Office Aggregator (PDOA). These aggregators manage PDOs and facilitate their operations.

Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Install the necessary equipment to create Wi-Fi hotspots at your chosen location, such as your shop, home, or any other suitable space.

Determine Pricing and Plans:

Decide on the internet plans and pricing you'll offer to users. Consider factors like speed, data limits, and affordability to attract customers.

Collect Payments:

Users will pay for internet access through a mobile app provided by the PDOA. The app handles payment processing and revenue sharing between the PDOA and PDOs.

Receive Revenue Share:

As a PDO, you'll earn a percentage of the revenue generated from internet sales. The exact share depends on your agreement with the PDOA.

Key Points to Remember

No License Required

You don't need to obtain any separate licenses or pay registration fees to become a PDO.

Flexible Pricing

You have the freedom to set your own pricing and internet plans to suit your target market.

Transparent Revenue Sharing

The revenue sharing model between PDOs and PDOAs is transparent, ensuring fair compensation for your services.

Potential for Additional Income

The PM-WANI scheme can provide a steady stream of additional income for individuals and small businesses.

Conclusion: A Digital Revolution with Income Potential

The PM-WANI Scheme not only facilitates internet access but also empowers individuals to become entrepreneurs in the digital space. Whether you're a small business owner, shopkeeper, or homeowner, there's immense potential to generate extra income while contributing to the country's digital revolution. Embrace the PM-WANI Scheme as a means to connect, earn, and thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

Ready to take the first step? Visit the PM-WANI website to learn more and register as a PDO today!