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Connecting People with Public Wi-Fi Networks

Data Pm-wani Application is used by the users to register, discover and display PM-WANI compliant Wi-Fi Hotspots in the proximity for accessing the internet services and to authenticate the potential Broadband users.

Pm-Wani app essentially facilitates a wifi service, which can be used to deliver the following services:-

  • Broadband Connectivity for all across the gram panchayat & villages.
  • It provides Application development and support to various government institutions.
  • Pm-Wani WiFi is one of the first apps in Rajasthan to be certified by the Govt of India as an App provider/PDOA under the PM WANI scheme.
  • Pm-Wani WiFi helps you to find and connect to thousands of  WiFi under the PM WANI scheme by Govt of India.
  • Just download the Data Wani WiFi app and connect to WiFi with the internet.
  • Find thousands of Public Data Offices (PDOs) in your locality and across India on the map.
  • Data Pm-Wani WiFi network will be provided through Public Data Offices (PDOs). That will improve internet connectivity all across India.
  • At Pm-Wani, we aim for Seamless access to the internet to strengthen Digital India's mission.
  • Data Pm-Wani WiFi has thousands of such PDO hotspots on the map. By visiting these hotspots you can get automatically connected to a safe and high-speed Internet for free.
  • Play games, read news & watch videos on the Internet using the Data Pm-Wani WiFi app and save your mobile data plan. Watch movies and other content on the Internet without interruption with high-speed WiFi internet.
  • Download the Data Pm-Wani WiFi app now and find the nearest WiFi PDOs like millions of people.
  • Save data on your mobile data plan and save money.

APP Tech Stack

  • Android
  • Database
  • Backend Technology